Are there wild koalas on Phillip Island?

Are there wild koalas on Phillip Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/14/2021

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Phillip Island is easily one of Australia’s top nature destinations, with plenty of sun, surf and abundant wildlife comprising a gorgeous, laid back island just a couple of hours from Melbourne!

Koala in a tree on Phillip Island

Whether you’ve snagged yourself a spot for the joyous Penguin Parade, surfing at one of the island’s sublime beaches or wandering one of the island’s incredible walking tracks, there is something for every nature lover on this awesome isla.

Phillip Island is home to an abundance of Australia’s unique wildlife, including the aforementioned penguin, a huge bunch of seals, kangaroos, wombats, dingoes and perhaps our most adorable animal, the super-chilled koala!

Yes, if you’re out in the twilight hours, you may just have the opportunity to spot one of these loveable creatures in their natural element. Otherwise, Phillip Island is home to an amazing place that has the welfare of this threatened cutie close at heart…

Koala Conservation Reserve

Australia’s koala population, tragically, is in decline, thanks to the increasing severity of bushfires and habitat destruction constantly threatening their livelihood.

Luckily, there are many wonderful people and places in Australia that truly care about the koala population as well as the survival of other amazing Aussie animals!

One such place is Phillip Island’s Koala Conservation Centre, which provides a refuge for these wonderful little tree chillers to relax and live in peace. Visitors to Phillip Island also have the opportunity to get up close to the refuge’s koala population through treetop boardwalks and rugged bushland.

Ticket sales go directly toward funding koala conservation research and education both at the refuge and on a global scale, making this an amazing, family-friendly and positive experience for all to enjoy!

The Koala Conservation Centre is one of the amazing, natural experiences you can have on Phillip Island, but there are also a couple of other ways you can see the island’s amazing wildlife in their element.

Here are two of them…

The Penguin Parade

The Penguin Parade is one of the starring attractions of Phillip Island travel: the joyous time of night when the island’s pengu population comes waddling up the shore after collecting a catch at sea.

Seal Rocks

Just around the bend from the exuberant Penguin Parade lies Seal Rocks where, you guessed, thousands of fur seals congregate and frolic on their eponymous rock. It’s the perfect activity to enjoy after the Koala Conservation Centre and before the Penguin Parade!

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