Reasons Why You Should Visit Phillip Island

Reasons Why You Should Visit Phillip Island

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/07/2020

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Phillip Island is a blissful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne’s city centre.

A tranquil region dotted on Victoria’s southern coastal line. It is mostly known for being the home for the beloved little penguins, but it is much more than it- being one of the best getaway spots in the state! Not sure what to book in when travelling here? We’ve got you covered with our reasons for spending a weekend or week in this picturesque coastal spot!

  • Surf Spots

    It’s not just the little penguins who can enjoy the coastal sea at Phillip Island. As the region is known for being home to the best surfing spots in the country. It was declared Victoria’s first National Surfing Reserve, with the area providing quality breaks and pristine environment throughout the year. The best spots to visit for some surfing adventures are the four hot spots, named Cape Woolamai, Smiths Beach, Summerland and Cat Bay. These beaches all great for any kind of swimmer, with big waves perfect for pros, small consistent waves for beginners, and smooth sand for anyone simply wanting to relax at the beach.

  • Local Grub

    Phillip Island is renowned for its delicious food, particularly their freshly caught seafood. No matter what style you are after, the food on offer is always good, from local fish and chip tuck shops to five-star dining restaurants. The produce is all locally sourced, leaving the menus everchanging from the seasons. We recommend dining at one of the award-winning restaurants dotted along the coast. Serving up spectacular views to go with their cuisines, so you can wine and dine while marvelling at Phillip Island’s extraordinary landscape.

  • See local animals

    Little penguins, of course, will be first on your agenda in Phillip Island, with the daily viewing available right after sunset in Summerland Beach. However, if one extraordinary animal isn’t enough for you, there are countless other creatures found throughout the region. Head to the Koala Conservation Centre, where a massive group of koalas are found roaming the bush trees. Due to the Koalas typically snoozing in the highest branches of the trees, the centre has built a skywalk way, building this platform walking path so you can see the koala’s eye to eye. Otherwise, you can see around about 35,000 seals that hang out at Seal Rocks, Australia’s largest fur seal colony. Watching the seals frolic in the shallow waters of sunbake the day on the large rocks.

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