How you see the Little Penguins of Phillip Island while in lockdown!

How you see the Little Penguins of Phillip Island while in lockdown!

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/08/2020

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One of the most popular things to do on the picturesque Phillip Island is to join in on the fun at Penguin Parade as the sun begins to set.

Held on the soft shores of Summerland Beach, the Penguin Parade showcases the large colony of Little Penguins as they waddle up the beach to head to their burrows for the night. Due to the current worldwide pandemic occurring in 2020, seeing these cute creatures in person is impossible, but the Penguin Parade has given us a solution. Streaming the Little Penguins journey from the sea to the sand online so you can see this epic attraction from the comfort of your lounge room!

About the Little Penguins of Phillip Island

You can probably gather from the name, but Little Penguins are the smallest known penguins on earth. Measuring up to 33 centimetres, they are no bigger than a cat, with dark blue feathers on top, and pale white feather on the belly. Their colour scheme is to camouflage themselves in the dark water. Blending into the dark sea from large birds flying overhead, and their white bellies blending into the water surface from roaming seals roaming underneath them. The creatures spend the majority of their time out in the ocean, hunting for fish and only returning in shifts throughout the night and morning. Within Phillip Island, the Little Penguins only nest in the sandy grassland of the island’s Summerland Beach, is known as the biggest Little Penguin colony in Australia.

About the Live Penguin TV

The Penguin Parade’s virtual attraction is known as the Live Penguin TV. Held at sunset every night, where Phillip Island’s beach floods with these small creatures as they make their way from the cold waters into the grassy sand region of their burrows. Cameras are set up along the beach, up the sandy grass sections, and even within the penguin’s burrows, so you can see them at all angles! Viewers can tune in on either the Penguin Parade’s Facebook page or even their YouTube channel, watching it live or afterwards depending on how you are feeling! If you are watching live, you can even ask questions in real-time and get answers from the professional staff members! to watch live and ask questions in real-time. The penguins always come to shore just after sunset but can vary half an hour to an hour depending on the day or month! If you are unsure, you can check out the parade’s Penguin Arrival Calendar to get a better idea of the exact time they’ll emerge!

How can I help?

If you would like to help our rangers and researchers continue to protect these little wonders while our ecotourism attractions are closed, you might consider donating to the Penguin Foundation or Adopting a Penguin.

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