What is the Penguin Parade Plus on Phillip Island?

What is the Penguin Parade Plus on Phillip Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/14/2015

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The Penguin Parade on Phillip Island is a truly Australian experience, drawing in millions of visitors every year.

But what exactly is it? Well, it’s as cute as it sounds. Every evening as darkness begins to fall, the resident Little Penguins make their way from the choppy waves of the sea up the shore to the sand dunes behind the beach. The tiny creatures waddle away to their burrows for the night whilst onlookers watch on with whimsical smiles.

Taking place at Summerland Beach, a beautiful white stretch of sand, this daily occurrence is one of Australia’s most popular natural wonders. But it’s not just penguins that appear at sunset here. As well as these cute critters, you can also catch a glimpse of koalas and kangaroos that live around the area. A definite must for animal lovers!

What is Penguin Parade Plus?

Penguin Plus is the ultimate viewing point. Set right next to the route that the penguins take to their burrows, the Penguin Plus platform can hold 300 people throughout the evening and offers incredible up close and personal viewing of the penguins. As the creatures make their way up the beach, there are plenty of knowledgeable rangers on hand to answer any questions you might have. Plus, there’s a talk before the procession begins which offers an insight into the lives of the penguins themselves.

Things to Know Before You Go For the Penguin Parade Plus Upgrade

  • Don’t miss the show!

    The penguins tend to arrive just as the sun begins to set. They like to be in their burrows when darkness falls, so it’s a good idea to arrive one hour before the penguins make their way onto the beach. This way you won’t miss any of the show and you’ll catch the ranger’s talk at the start.

  • Remember to book

    As mentioned previously, the Penguin Parade is a hugely popular attraction in Australia and draws in hundreds of onlookers every single day. For this reason, it’s vital that you book to avoid disappointment and to ensure you get a good spot on the platform.

Watching the Phillip Island Penguin Parade is a magical, once-in-a-lifetime experience and is something you certainly won’t forget in a hurry. So, the Penguin Parade Plus platform allows you to make the most of the special evening event. The platform is decked out in low lighting with comfortable seats, and you can even order some drinks to stay hydrated throughout.

Penguin Plus upgrade is available on our Phillip Island Tour.

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