Woolamai Surf Beach, Victoria

Cape Woolamai, Victoria 3925

Phillip Island boasts a backdrop of stunning beach scenes, mesmerising ocean views, and a never-ending supply of fascinating wildlife to discover.

Woolamai Surf Beach

At Woolamai Surf Beach, one of the island’s most picturesque spots, you can enjoy all of this and more against the ancient pink granite surroundings. Cape Woolamai is not just a pretty face; it’s a natural habitat for mutton birds, and is deemed the best surf spot in Victoria. If birds and surf make you happy, look no further.

Woolamai Beach – Phillip Island’s Golden Shore

Woolamai Beach boasts the island’s longest and most exposed beach, measuring 4.2 km in length. The cape that sits above the beach is the highest point on the island, at 110 meters tall, while the beach proves to be one of Victoria’s most popular surfing beaches, drawing in crowds of beginner and advanced surfers throughout the year who are looking to catch some waves.  There are at least five spots on the beach that provide surfers with the best breaks you can find in Victoria. In fact it is so popular with locals and tourists alike, it has been named the favourite destination on all of the island for surf. With consistent waves, who could beat it?

Recently declared a National Surfing Reserve area, it is imbued with a rich surfing heritage that dates back many years. Being one of the island’s only beaches with lifeguards on duty, it is also safe for the whole family to enjoy, not to mention the convenience of all the nearby cafes and restaurants.

How to Explore the Beauty of Woolamai Surf Beach?

So, while you’re at Woolamai Surf Beach, how can you best explore everything on offer?

  • Explore on Foot

    The Woolamai Beach

    The golden sands of Woolamai Beach are a sight to behold. Dig your toes into pristine sands and dip them into the warm shallows of the ocean. There are four coastal walk tracks that crisscross around Cape Woolamai, all of which emerge onto incredible viewing platforms that allow you soak up stunning panoramic views of the nearby Pinnacles.

    If surfing isn’t your thing, don’t worry there’s plenty to see and do. You can take advantage of the local trails and take a hike along the beach to one of the many coast walks that leads you up to Cape Woolamai for a spectacular 360 degree view.

    You can rent a bike in the little town of Newhaven and ride around the island, making your way to Woolamai Beach. Drop your bike off and take a dip in the ocean. If you’re lucky enough to be at the beach during dusk, you will be able to view the mutton birds in their natural habitat, coming back from a day of fishing to their homes. It’s a rare experience that you will cherish forever.

  • Explore the Wildlife

    The wildlife on Woolamai Beach perfectly showcases what Phillip Island has to offer. As darkness falls, you can catch a glimpse of the famous short-tailed shearwaters as they return to their nests after a long, hard day of fishing. Elsewhere, keep your eyes peeled for other sea birds and marine life that basks just off the coastline.

    From small animals darting around the seaside fields, to marine life breaching the water’s surface, Phillip Island boasts a range of exciting wildlife. Rabbits and Wallabies can often be seen scampering about the walking trails, and if you look closely, you’ll often see dolphins and seals twirling and playing in the ocean. If you set your gaze on the sky, you will also find a wide range of birdlife overhead. Cape Woolamai is a significant location because of it being home to the island’s largest breeding colony of Short-Tailed Shearwaters, also known as the Australian Muttonbird. This means that you’ll often see these birds descending onto the sand in search of their burrows as the sun begins to set.

  • The Pinnacles at Cape Woolamai

    The Pinnacles

    A mere 10-minute drive away from Woolamai Beach, you’ll come across one of the most stunning natural landscapes on Phillip Island- The Pinnacles. These unique granite pillars jut out of the water with their jagged tips framing the blue water behind them. The area is also a popular whale-watching lookout and can be reached by driving to the lookout, or, taking the Cape Woolamai Coastal Walk. The circuit itself is around 8.4 kilometres and you should allow for 3-4 hours to complete the walk. The pinkish granite of the Pinnacles and it’s twisted shapes have often been said to resemble a spiral staircase, so be sure to add this to your itinerary and find out for yourself!

  • Enjoy the Beach Life

    The beach life is incredibly relaxed at Woolamai Beach. Wild scenery flanks the Bass Strait, which makes it one of the best beaches in the country to go surfing. Here, you can join amateurs and pros alike as they carve their way through the huge waves.

If you want something more relaxed, simply grab a sunny spot, kick back and soak up the warm Australian sun while marvelling at the seemingly never-ending views. Break up the day by taking a leisurely bike ride from the tourist road of the cape down to the beach, where you can swim in the patrolled waters.

Phillip Island promises visitors a whole host of fun and relaxing activities, and Woolamai Surf Beach has them in abundance. Whether you’re looking to practice your surfing technique at one of the best beaches in the country, or whether you simply want to kick back and relax with incredible views out to sea, this part of the island has you covered.

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