What world-famous attractions are held at Phillip Island?

What world-famous attractions are held at Phillip Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/28/2019

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Phillip Island has grown in popularity not just due to one event, but multiple!

Just outside the busy Melbourne city lies Phillip Island, a tourist hotspot that is bustling with crowds throughout the year. But why? It is often on the top of a traveller’s bucket list when visiting Australia’s Victoria area, but what draws these massive crowds? Check out our list of what attracts the countless tourists and locals to Victoria’s Southern coastline!

  • Motorheads; the Grand Prix Circuit

    Phillip Island is home to the famous Grand Prix Circuit for the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix and World Superbike Championship. Join the flock of motorbike enthusiasts as they converge at this exciting site. The circuit has been around since 1956, but still remains one of the most important tracks for the Grand Prix World races. With festivals and events held at this stadium throughout the year, have a look at the upcoming events that are held during your holiday dates. If you are keen to get behind the wheel yourself, you can enjoy karting on the replica circuit. If you are a real speed junkie, try out a hot lap, which has you sitting in the car as a professional driver whizzes you around the circuit.

  • Animals Lovers; Penguin Parade

    The famous event of the Penguin parade has skyrocketed to one of the best activities Victoria has to offer. Essentially the penguin parade is a venue which sits right alongside the beach, giving you front row seats to see the famous wild ‘little penguins’ as they waddle up to shore. These cute little guys are the world’s smallest penguins, only a mere 33 centimetres tall and only weighing around 1 kilogram. They live in colonies and spend the majority of their time in the sea hunting for food. Once they are done for the day, the colony comes up to shore, heading across the sand to venture into their nests nearby. The Penguin Parade offers multiple viewing areas to see them, with the standard, underground, or deluxe option.  

  • Nature Fanatics; Nobbies Informational Centre

    With pristine beaches, lush bushlands, and unique wildlife, it’s no wonder Phillip Island brings a crowd. Nature lovers can get lost within the land, hiking on the walking paths to see epic views and interesting wildlife. If you haven’t had any luck spotting the wild animals along your journey, travel to Maru Wildlife Park to give you a more hands-on animal interaction. If you are interested in the history of the land, the Nobbies Information Centre offers you a stunning view to go with their informational centre. Where folk can spend houses walking along the coastal clifftops, seeing picture-perfect lookout points, as well as iconic rock formations!

Regardless of what you came to Phillip Island for, we guarantee any of these world-famous attractions will leave you satisfied!

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