Where can I see wildlife on Phillip Island?

Where can I see wildlife on Phillip Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/10/2023

Reading time: 3 mins

Phillip Island is a popular day trip destination to see wildlife, the coastline, and beaches.

Depending on what wildlife you want to see, there is a range of different locations to go to on Phillip Island. You can spot some wild animals in locations across Phillip Island, or you can go to a reserve park.

If you’re not sure what wildlife you can see on Phillip Island below are a list of some of the island’s most loved animals.

Penguin Parade

The little penguins (known as blue penguins or fairy penguins) are the main highlight of Phillip Island. Head down to Penguin Parade at sunset and watch these small penguins waddle up the beach.

Throughout the year you can buy tickets for the Penguin Parade to see the little penguins. There are even options to upgrade your tickets to get a better viewing platform or seat.

Seal Rocks

Seal Rocks is home to thousands of fur seals. Right near the Nobbies Centre is where you’ll be able to spot these lazy but also fun seals! You’ll see them lazing on the beach and rocks or catch them splashing around in the water.

The fur seals are at Seal Rocks all year round, and with approximately 20,000 seals coming here every year, you’ll be sure to spot a couple! You might even see the small seal pups (babies) with their mothers.

Whales along the coast

During the winter (May to October), you can spot some whales along the coastline on Phillip Island. Luckily there are heaps of locations where you can see the whales swimming by. You can go to The Nobbies, Surf Beach, Summerland, Cape Woolamai, and Pyramid Rock.

One of the best ways to see the whales on a whale watching tour on a boat! This is the only way you can get even closer to these giant mammals.

Spot koalas high up in the trees

Walk through the two treetop boardwalks at Koala Conservation Reserve to spot koalas! There are two boardwalks you can do, and both are 20 minutes each. But aside from looking out for some koalas, you can even try to spot wallabies, echidnas, and colourful birds.

Coming to Phillip Island to see the wildlife will be one of your best decisions. From seeing the little penguins, to koalas, whales, and fur seals. If you’re interested in seeing the wildlife, especially penguins, book a one day Phillip Island tour!

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