Why you shouldn’t snap photos of the Penguins

Why you shouldn’t snap photos of the Penguins

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/22/2020

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Find out why snapping photos isn’t in the penguin’s best interest!

The Little Penguins of Phillip Island are undoubtably the biggest tourist attraction around. Seen on the stunning strip of beach land, these animals serve as a constant wildlife highlight as they slowly waddle up to shore every day after sunset. Many tourists who visit want to snap a photo of these unique creatures to have a lasting reminder of them once they head back home, but unfortunately this can cause a harmful affect on the animals.

About the Little Penguins

Being the smallest penguins on earth, its only fitting to named them the Little Penguins, with these creatures only measuring up to 33 centimetres tops, no bigger than a small dog. They are a dark blue on their back, and a light white on the bellies, mainly to be camouflaged in the dark water from both birds and roaming seals. This is critical for their survival, as the penguins spend the majority of their time out in the ocean, hunting for fish in the outer waters. Only heading to their nests once done for the day. Phillip Island is one of the best places to see these penguins in the wild, with their state-of-the-art sustainable viewing platform.

Why photography isn’t allowed

Photography at the facility is strictly not allowed, for any photography whether with flash or not effects the Penguins safety. The animals have extremely sensitive eyes, and bright lights or sudden flashes can frighten and disorientate a penguin on its way to its nest, leaving it to become lost of vulnerable to predators. Even those who decide to snap shots without using flash can cause harm, as large looming figures hovering above or near the penguins can frighten them, as it is similar to a bird about to swoop. To ensure penguins keep coming back to the area and feeling safe in their homes, the facilities have banned all photography to avoid any issues the penguins may face.

What can you do to get pictures?

Many travellers who visit Penguin Parade are disappointed by this banned of photography rule, wanting to capture the best snap of the creatures. Penguin Parade understands this need, and to help both tourists and the penguins, have created a free album of the local Little Penguin photographs for all to download. Simply down the Penguin Parade’s app and get browsing, with a gallery of up close images, group shots, and even a couple shots of the creatures in their nests. All the photos are done by professional photographers, so they are even better than any photo you snap them yourself!

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