Cape Woolamai – A scenic tour of Phillip Island’s eastern coast

Cape Woolamai – A scenic tour of Phillip Island’s eastern coast

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/14/2016

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Nestled at the eastern tip of Phillip Island, Cape Woolamai offers folk the perfect seaside escape!

A trip to Phillip Island in South Australia is sure to reward you with some incredible and unforgettable memories. There is an allure of the marvellous coastline and the bountiful wildlife that roams the landscape, there is an abundance of activities for you to take part in during your visit. After a scenic drive along the mainland from Melbourne, you will cross a 640m long bridge and find yourself on the wonderful Phillip Island. Once you have arrived you will be situated on the far eastern shoreline, and it’s along here that you will find the small town of Cape Woolamai, one of the island’s most spectacular destinations.

The Beach of Cape Woolamai

The glittering golden sand and the sparkling blue waters that surround the island set the perfect scene for some exciting holiday pictures, and Cape Woolamai displays this scenery splendidly. What makes the Woolamai Beach particularly special is the backdrop of ancient pink granite that lines the cliffs around the coast. This beach is also highly regarded as one of the country’s best surfing destinations, with perfect surf conditions regularly sweeping the sandy shores. In fact, Cape Woolamai has even been named a national surfing reserve because of its rich history with surfing and the proud role it plays in the island’s surf scene.

The Wildlife of Cape Woolamai

Between September until April, Cape Woolamai is swarming with the short-tailed shearwaters, also known as mutton birds. See them after the sunsets, and see the birds return from a day of fishing to rest up for the night.

The Walks of Cape Woolamai

Cape Woolamai also provides several walking trails that will take you along some of the island’s most spectacular beaches, showcasing the immense beauty of the landscape from a number of viewing platforms along the way. The first and easiest of the trails is known as Pinnacles Walk, following the green markers that lead you along the track you will have the chance to enjoy a 2-hour return walk along 4kms of rocky coastline. Old Granite Quarry Walk will lead you past quiet beaches, peaceful waters and through coastal woodlands, as you follow the blue markers for 6kms. Cape Woolamai Beacon Walk is marked with black markers and will lead you to the very highest point on the island where you will have breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean and the island laid out before you in all its glory, this 6.6km walk should take up to 3.5hours to complete. For those who really don’t want to miss a single thing, the Cape Woolamai circuit is for you, this 8km track combines all three of the other walks, allowing you to view the very best of each one, and though it can take up to 4 hours to complete, it is entirely worthwhile because of the mesmerising scenery.

Cape Woolamai is an excellent starting point for your trip to Phillip Island, providing you with spectacular scenery and incredible trails that display the fascinating beauty of the island.

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