Can you see seals from the Nobbies?

Can you see seals from the Nobbies?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/20/2021

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Close to the famous Penguin Parade, the Nobbies allows visitors to learn about Phillip Island’s history and wildlife.

Phillip Island is home to a range of scenic views and popular attractions, and the Nobbies is one of the most popular. The Nobbies feature breathtaking views, boardwalks, the Nobbies Centre, and the Australian fur seals. So yes, you can see the seals from the Nobbies, and there are plenty of them to see!

The resident seal colony

A short walk along the boardwalk from the Nobbies Centre is where the local seal colony lives. The Australian fur seals can be found hanging out on the large rocks of the beach or frolicking in the shallow waters. This southwestern tip of Phillip Island, known as Seal Rocks, is home around 20,000 fur seals!

No matter when you plan to visit, you’ll be guaranteed at least one seal sighting! Typically, there are around 5000 to 8000 seals hanging around each day.

The Nobbies, Phillip Island

Visitors can opt to walk along the coastal boardwalk to catch sight of these adorable creatures. For a closer look at the seals, there is a wildlife cruise to Seal Rocks.

About the Australian fur seal

Australian fur seals occupy the country’s coastal waters and oceans, making their homes on the rocky shores of the coastline. They are the largest of all the fur seals, with a broad head, pointed snout, and long whiskers.

If you see them on land, they seem rather clumsy, but in the water is when they can show off their skills. While they are in the ocean, it allows them to be quick and agile, gliding through the water with ease. The seals mostly feed on the local fish species, as well as squid and octopus, being skilful hunters in the water.

Unfortunately, in the 1800s, the Europeans hunted the seals severely, causing the population to drop drastically from several hundred thousand to only 20,000. This quickly made them a protected species of marine mammal in Australia, with the Nobbies colony vital for the species’ recovery.

What to do on Phillip Island

Spectacular views of the wild coastline from Nobbies Centre

Phillip Island is full of opportunities to spend a day exploring! There are a range of wildlife to see that calls the island home, along with great food, and other activities.

The Nobbies Centre

The Nobbies Centre is a place filled with a series of informational signs, multimedia displays, and interactive exhibits. Visitors can spend time in the centre learning about life and history on Phillip Island with the collection of displays and exhibits. The centre also gives visitors a look into this region while also boasting impressive cliffside views.

Penguin Parade

Phillip Island is known for the famous Penguin Parade, where little penguins waddle ashore every evening at sunset. For thousands of years, the little penguins have called Phillip Island their home. During the day, they’re out in the water to catch some fish then come back to their nests to settle down for sleep at night.

Any Phillip Island visitor should be making a stop to Penguin Parade just to see these cute penguins approach Summerland Beach at sunset. It’s a remarkable event that has been taking place since 1921.

Why not upgrade your Penguin Parade ticket with Penguin Plus? The Penguin Plus has a different viewing platform allowing you to get a better view of the penguins as they get closer.

Ready to see the resident fur seals?

Without a car, it’s difficult to get to Phillip Island and explore everything it has to offer; that’s when booking a tour is handy! This one day Phillip Island tour includes a stop at the Nobbies where you can walk around to see the fur seals splashing around at Seal Rocks. The tour includes a stop at a wildlife park, a beach walk, and ends the day at the Penguin Parade.

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