What can you do for free in Phillip Island?

What can you do for free in Phillip Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/04/2022

Reading time: 2 mins

Phillip Island is one of Australia’s favourite nature destinations, with gorgeous abundant wildlife, gorgeous beaches and stunning headlands all combining to create a joyous escape from city life.

From sublime Cape Woolamai to The Nobbies and Seal Rocks, Phillip Island is full of amazing experiences that will keep you entertained for days on end!

One of the great things about Phillip Island’s experiences is that a lot of them are completely free, so you can still enjoy this wondrous island without having to spend a fortune.

Here are some of the best places to check out at Phillip Island when you head there on a shoestring:

Seal Rocks

The round-the-bend, free equivalent to the world famous Penguin Parade, Seal Rocks is every bit as spectacular. Here, some 20,000 fur seals congregate on the rocks just off the mainland, frolicking in the sun and doing all the rolling and tumbling that make these sea creatures so adorable!

Take a pair of binoculars to the headland and gaze out at this awesome spectacle – it truly is one of Phillip Island’s most magical sights…

Cape Woolamai

Cape Woolamai is simply stunning. Whether you’re a surfer or someone who just loves checking out some enchanting scenery, Cape Woolamai is one of the best places to take your towel and indulge in Phillip Island’s natural wonder.

From the ancient pink granite forming off the headlands to the fantastic swells that roll up to shore, Cape Woolamai never fails to disappoint as a cost-free Philly experience.

It has recently been declared a National Surfing Reserve because of its awesome surf and sublime natural environment, so you know it’s going to be a good place to spend the afternoon.

The Nobbies

Whilst you have to pay to experience the nightly Penguin Parade, The Nobbies is still a fantastic place to spot adorable little penguins before things get ticketed. What’s more, penguin spotting during the day might be a better alternative for the little ones, who may get too irritable when the parade starts late in the summer months and it gets absolutely freezing in the winter months.

You will often find these super cute little creatures sheltering around the boardwalk, and this spot also provides expansive views of the mainland and cliffs along the unforgettable wonderland that is Phillip island!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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