A Guide To Visiting Phillip Island In Winter

A Guide To Visiting Phillip Island In Winter

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/21/2024

Reading time: 3 mins

As winter approaches, discover the best things you can do on Phillip Island during Victoria’s colder days.

Phillip Island is certainly worth visiting during winter. While the days are less predictable, with the weather swinging between rainy and sunny, luckily there are plenty of activities to enjoy on the island throughout the winter months.

Generally, you can expect Philip Island to be around 14 degrees Celsius during the day, dropping low to about 8 degrees Celsius at night.

Penguin Parade

The Penguin Parade is renowned for its sunset spectacle of cute little penguins. Undoubtedly, it’s Phillip Islands’ most popular attraction, drawing thousands of visitors yearly.

Arrive early to explore the visitor centre, grab some food, and secure the best view of the parade. You can even enhance your experience with an upgraded ticket, such as Penguins Plus!

Koala Conservation Reserve

French Island koala

Follow the elevated boardwalks and keep an eye out for the cute koalas lounging in the eucalyptus trees. The Koala Conservation Reserve allows visitors a chance to see koalas while they’re in their natural habitat, without them being disturbed.

Keep watch for some colourful native birds, wallabies, and even echidnas.

Taste the local wine and beer

Phillip Island’s cooler climate is ideal for growing grapes making wine and beer, offering quality and distinct flavours. Taste the local wines and visit one of the cellar doors, such as Phillip Island Winery, Silverwaters Vineyard, and Purple Hen Winery.

For beer enthusiasts, there are plenty of breweries offering boutique beers. Some of the best breweries include Phillip Island Brewing Co, Rusty Water Brewery and Restaurant, and Ocean Reach Brewing.

The Nobbies

Around the corner from the Penguin Parade is the Nobbies, featuring some of Australia’s natural beauty with coastal views and wildlife. The Nobbies has the Nobbies Centre, filled with interactive exhibits and displays, perfect for the entire family.

A short walk down the boardwalks is Seal Rocks, where you can find thousands of Australian fur seals. The seals are either snoozing or splashing around in the water.


Destination Phillip Island

Discover the mouthwatering eateries while visiting Phillip Island. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or some sweet treats, Phillip Island boasts the best eateries.

For an ideal breakfast or brunch, visit Burnt Toast, The Waterboy Cafe, and Mon Dieu. Grab some eggs on toast, a big breakfast, or a hot coffee.

For lunch or dinner, options like The Wooli Tavern, Phillip Island RSL, and La Porchetta.

And for the chocolate lovers, a visit to Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is a must, offering an array of delicious treats. Don’t forget to try the classic hot chocolate to fill you up and keep you warm on a chilly winter day.

Go whale watching

Phillip Island Red Rocks Beach

One of the perks of winter is the chance to spot whales from parts of Phillip Island. The best spots include the Nobbies, Cape Woolamai, Cowes, Grossard Point, Pyramid Rock, and Summerland. Alternatively, there are whale cruises available!

Ready to explore Phillip Island?

Most visitors aim to spend a couple of days on Phillip Island or opt for a day trip. Since public transport is limited, driving or booking a tour is recommended.


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