What time should I get to the Penguin Parade?

What time should I get to the Penguin Parade?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/01/2021

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The Penguin Parade is Phillip Islands’ main activity, where you can watch the little penguins at sunset.

The Penguin Parade is a joyous occasion for individuals and families alike, to experience the little penguins arrive ashore every evening at sunset. Watch as these little penguins waddle up Summerland Beach after they’ve spent the day in the water fishing.

The question of what time you should get to the Penguin Parade depends on what time of the year you are going to enjoy the experience! Given that the penguins come in at sundown, and that differs in the winter and summer months, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact time to arrive.

Generally speaking, the penguins will arrive around the following times for each month. Throughout the year, the penguins experience their own life cycle activity.

For more information, check the official website.

Phillip Island Penguin Parade

Penguin Arrival Times at Penguin Parade

January: 8:45 PM (chick feeding)

February: 8: 30 PM (moulting)

March: 8 PM (moulting)

April: 7 PM AEDT, 6 PM AEST (moulting)

May: 5:30 PM (non breeding)

June: 5:15 PM (non breeding)

July: 5:45 PM (nest building and mating)

August: 6 PM (nest building and mating)

September: 6:15 PM (egg laying and incubation)

October: 6:45 PM AEST, 7:45 PM AEDT (egg laying and incubation)

November: 8:15 PM (chick feeding)

December: 8:30 PM (chick feeding)

You should aim to arrive about an hour before the penguins are set to arrive. You can come even earlier at the Visitor Centre to give you enough time to grab something to eat and to find yourself the best seat at the viewing platform.

Now that we’ve Penguin Parade arrival times out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the other amazing activities you can fill your day with.

More natural fun at Seal Rocks

We know Phillip Island is the most famous for its penguin population, but the local seal is just as special! Located on a series of rock outposts at the Nobbies, just around the corner from the Penguin Parade itself, Seal Rocks sets the stage.

About 20,000 Australian fur seals call this area home. Most people will come by the Nobbies for the Nobbies Centre and have a chance to spot some friendly fur seals before the Penguin Parade starts.

Ensure you check out the Nobbies Centre and see the range of exhibits and interactive displays, teaching you about the wildlife and history of Phillip Island.

See adorable koalas in their element!

The Koala Conservation Reserve is home to the cutest koalas. These loveable little animals are pretty lazy, given they only eat eucalyptus leaves, but they are still a joy to see. The centre allows the koalas to continue to live in what is essentially their natural habitat while getting great care.

Check out more Aussie wildlife

A chance to see some more of Australia’s favourite wildlife, stop by the Phillip Island Wildlife Park. Perfect for the whole family, the wildlife park has over 100 different animals to see, including kangaroos, koalas, echidnas, and emus! There are even chances for you to feed and pat the kangaroos and wallabies.

Churchill Island

Churchill Island is perfect for a family day out with a range of activities suited for everyone. You can take part in some whip cracking, blacksmithing, cow milking, sheep shearing, and dog demonstrations, all making part of a fun adventure to a very charming island!

From Phillip Island, follow Samuel Amess Drive, which takes you across the bridge to get to Churchill Island.

Enjoy a glass of local wine at a winery

Phillip Island has a selection of wineries that are all welcoming with a relaxing cellar door experience. Enjoy an afternoon tasting some exceptional local wines from Purple Hen Winery, Phillip Island Winery, and Silverwaters Vineyard.

But if you prefer beer over wine, check out unique beer flavours from Rusty Water Brewery or Ocean Reach Brewing.

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